About Us

Dinit is a company that offers comprehensive and advanced services in payment card industry. Our core activity is processing card transactions with focus on processing Diners Club International and Discover cards in Slovenia, Italy, England, Ireland, France and Benelux.

From October 1st 2015 Dinit has officially joined the Cornèr Bank Group, private and independent Swiss banking institution, active in the whole range of traditional banking with a specialization in the areas of Private Banking, financing, cards payment Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club (Cornèrcard) and online trading (CornèrTrader). It is also a leader in the Swiss market of payment instruments with more than 1.7 million issued cards.

One of the major Dinit projects and achievements in 2015 was obtaining PCI DCC v3.1 standard certificate and Dinit as such provides with security and regulatory compliance within the latest industry standards. In collaboration with our partners, we develop and deliver innovative and contemporary IT solutions that are easy-to-integrate and cost-effective.

Young but ambitious, in 7 years since Dinit establishment, the company has grown to 50 employees, its presence in many Western European markets and a strong strategic position within the global card schemes of Diners Club International.

Social Responsibility

We understand our responsibility as a company so we seek to recognize the needs of the community to respond with actions that brings benefits in society.

Giving & Volunteerism

An amount of funds is dedicated every year for charity and volunteerism causes such as purchase of school material for children from socially disadvantaged families and Christmas presents.

One of the company activities includes yearly volunteerism day, where the majority of employees perform various maintenance work on socially useful institutions like animal shelter, kindergartens, homes for the elderly and rehabilitation centres.

Community support

In collaboration with local universities and secondary schools, we offer a variety of student internships possibilities.

In collaboration with universities, we also sponsor initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge sharing between academia and industry.